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Learn how a partnership with us can benefit your practice and patients.


Partner Benefits

Organizations offering telegenetic services are viewed as cutting-edge to patients, leading to higher patient satisfaction, compliance, and retention among providers.

With patient consultations available within days of referral, AT-GC offers rapid turnaround and drastic reduction in clinical wait times.

Outsourcing genetic counseling services means that valuable physician time can be spent on other aspects of patient care.

Personalized explanations and recommendations related to patient care are sent directly to referring physicians, encouraging continuity of care and ongoing health management.

AT-GC provides a valuable addition to help complete your scope of service offerings while providing collaboration with a team of genetics experts through processes, technology, and workflow customized to meet your needs.

Benefits for Your Patients

Learn how we can increase your quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Patient-centric Care

Patient-centric appointments address the genetic as well as psychosocial implications for patients. Appointments are not time-limited, but instead, are concluded based on the patient’s satisfactory understanding.

Education & Assistance

Assistance with in-home or in-office test implementation information, personalized prevention and management information and, knowledge regarding the health effects of specific genetic changes come standard.

Patient / Counselor Relation

Patients have the ability to follow-up their counselor, familiar with their case and history is available. We help create a comfortable continuity of care for both patient and provider.

Low Wait Times

With many clinics experiencing patient backlog of 3-4 months, AT-GC removes this burden by our availability to see patients as soon as 1-2 days after referral, if needed.

Language Translation

English and Spanish language services, with additional language translation services available upon request.

Flexible Scheduling

We work non-stop to provide your patients with the care and convenience they deserve. That is why we offer evening and weekend hours.


Billing & Finances

We are entirely committed to promoting positive relationships with our referring institutions and partner companies.

At AT-GC, we realize that like our genomes, no two genetic companies or practices are the same.

To discuss collaboration and customized partnership options and bring genetic counseling care to your patient population, please contact us. Institutional, self-pay, and insurance billing options (in select locations) are available.

This means that whether you are seeking a genetic counseling referral source without monetary commitment, or whether you would like to arrange personalized, ongoing genetic counseling support for your patient groups at a competitive institutional rate, we can accommodate the specific needs of your institution.

Vast Expertise

We specialize in all aspects of the genetic counseling process, including pre/post-test genetic counseling, genetic testing implementation, coordination, and interpretation of results. We serve as a liaison between providers and their patients, as well as serving as a link to the genetics laboratory.

Fully Flexible

We offer contracts to institutions that desire to incorporate the application of genetic testing and counseling into the patient care they provide. Genetic counseling is provided in-office with a telemedicine approach or by phone or video chat in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Board Certified

All of our genetic counselors hold current board certification, or are board-eligible, through the American Board of Genetic Counseling or equivalent certification from the American Board of Medical Genetics. Each counselor has undergone extensive training and education to help patients and their providers interpret genetic results and discuss genetic risk.

Patient Empowerment

We believe we are empowering every patient by helping guide their journey through the processes of genetic counseling and genetic testing. Our vision is to bring increased access of quality genetic counseling services to patients across the globe.

Convenient Access

In areas without readily accessible genetic counselors, AT-GC offers a solution by connecting patients to qualified genetics professionals without extensive travel or scheduling concerns. We accept patients from anywhere within the United States and in many international locations.

Genuine Care

We pride ourselves on a real desire to positively impact the lives of our patients and their families. Allow the caring team at AT-GC help guide, educate, and fulfill your genetic counseling needs.


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